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Jul 16, 2010 7:00am PDT
.s. saying it was a broad bill maryland where it is centered. back here in california education officials are publicly denouncing gov. schwarzenegger's latest budget revision officials say funding for public education in california has lost $17 billion. it's been cut by 17 billion in the past two years in the governor's plan makes things worse by trying to suspend this state's minimum test budget. californians are split over arizonas controversial immigration laws. it's the law requires police officers to question please people's immigration status based on any reasonable suspicions after being stopped of the real spirit loss was take effect in the month. israfil pulled up by california voters actually prove a lot 49 to 45 percent margin of 62% of democrats approve will 77 percent of republicans approved. will bareback is the kron 4 morning news continues watching weather around the bay to be hot, watch and wall street as well big drop for the dow down hundred and 71.3 now will have more after the break. a quick recap of the top stories a big drop almost to a disappointing quarterly repor
Jul 26, 2010 7:00am PDT
know of new york people without electricity yesterday had no power a woman in maryland was killed a tree fell on his car one person is missing from about all full of longing on land. dozens of families are cleaning up after a tornado swept through their the damage after saturday night's tornado crashed cars topped toppled trees rip down pat parlance. despite all of that damage nobody was injured. >> let's take that of forecast a look at the four clashed >> that is dramatic weather is we see on these clothes plenty of fog this money can see here the james lick freeway that fog will be slowed live today. 55 in san francisco warming it up to a high of 62] stockton ws fog at this point today we will see it make cell by 9:00 a.m. but we won't see it into a move is out until 11:00 tiller received to the coast that will mean cooler temperatures and we can see that here with their current temperature readings. 57 oakland, 58 antioch, 59 san jose 60 down amount you appeared their highs for today will be cooler than average for this time of year 74 petaluma 74 san rafael. if condit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2